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Childrens Health > TEASY TOTS: chamomile

TEASY TOTS: (chamomile)

Best seller! Good news travels fast! Apply externally around jaw, neck & ears to soothe your baby naturally and help restore balance to their and your routine.

100% Natural
(RRP £15.50)


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*K, E, LBP

*Avoid these oils if you have any of these conditions:
E - Epileptic
L - Liver problems
K - Kidney problems
LBP - Low Blood Pressure
HBP - High Blood Pressure
P - Phototoxic
AA - Avoid alcohol
HRT - Avoid if had ovarian, uterine or breast cancer AND you are on HRT

NUT ALLERGY WARNING: These products either contain nut based ingredients, OR have been prepared in an area with nut based products.

The advice included on this site is not meant to replace any medicine or treatment you are receiving through your doctor. If you have any queries or concerns including compatibility with current treatment/medication, please contact us or speak to your GP

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